Chinese Students: Welcome Program

If you feel that the challenge of studying abroad (for bachelor, master, doctorate or postgraduate studies) is what you want to enhance your intellectual and professional capacity, if at the same time you want to experience Austria and the countries around Austria, if you have the stamina to pursue the extraordinary >>>>>>

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Likewise ACEC organizes summer camp music programs for students, seminars for teachers, students and parents (more information available).
The Austrian Chinese Economic Committee ACEC wants to extend to students help in the form of a Welcome Program - "CHINESE STUDENTS: WELCOME TO AUSTRIA" - and invites students from all over China to come to Austria and make use of this program.

Benefits of choosing Austria and the ACEC Welcome Program:

Austrian universities and universities of applied sciences (in German Fachhochschulen) are known around the world for their high standard of learning but also for their rigorous schedule.

For the partners of ACEC see the introduction - with the academia ACEC has vigorous contacts (among others an agreement with the University of Vienna).

Austria though small is also known for her attraction as a country in the middle of Europe with a long imperial history, a vital modern presence, a flourishing cultural life and a truly international and multilingual atmosphere.

In comparison with other countries the cost of studying in Austria is low, students enjoy special tariffs in many sectors of life.

For gifted music students Austria is ideal as Austria offers her past and present status as the world kingdom of music.

The high standard of learning and teaching in Austria is reflected in the presence of high tech companies from Austria doing business all over the world.

Every year students from China take on the challenge of qualifying to study short or long term in Austria.

In China ACEC cooperates with partners who meet the requirements of the Ministry of Education of China for Students studying abroad.

The ACEC welcome package includes warm-hearted, individual and family like services.

For further information in China please contact Mr. WANG Wei


office tel: +86 15063966679